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Immersive Roulette by Evolution

Last updated: 07.07.2023 by Andrew Shepard
Release year 2013
Variation single zero
RTP 97.3%
Multipliers -
Software Evolution Gaming
Table limits Depends on casino

Best casino with Immersive Roulette

Table limits C$ 0.2-4 000

Immersive Roulette by Evolution is a game that truly brings the thrill of the casino to your fingertips. One of its key features is the high-quality video streams that offer players an immersive and realistic experience. With multiple camera angles capturing every moment of the game, you'll feel as though you're right there at the roulette table. Based on the European roulette wheel, this game adheres to the same rules as the standard European version, with a single zero pocket. So whether you're a seasoned roulette player or new to the game, Immersive Roulette offers an exciting and authentic gaming experience.

Evolution Gaming, the provider behind Immersive Roulette, is a leading force in the online casino industry. Known for their innovation and cutting-edge technology, Evolution Gaming has established itself as a reputable and trusted name in the market. With a focus on delivering exceptional live casino games, they have gained a loyal following of players worldwide. Their commitment to providing high-quality streams, professional dealers, and seamless gameplay has set them apart from the competition. With Evolution Gaming at the helm, you can expect nothing less than excellence when it comes to Immersive Roulette and other games in their impressive portfolio.

Characteristics and Features

Immersive Roulette offers a range of impressive features that enhance the gameplay and make it a truly immersive and enjoyable experience. With high-quality video streams from various angles, players can feel as though they're sitting right at the roulette table. Additionally, the slow-motion option allows for a more detailed view of the wheel's spin, adding an extra level of excitement. It's important to note that the game follows the rules of European roulette, which means the same types of bets, payouts, and odds apply. Here are a few examples of popular bets and their corresponding payouts:

  • Straight bet: offers a payout of 35 to 1.
  • Split bet: pays out at 17 to 1.
  • Red/Black bet: Wagering on the outcome being red or black has a payout of 1 to 1.

In addition to these features, Immersive Roulette also provides players with the following options:

  • Racetrack bet: This feature allows players to place bets on specific groups of numbers based on their position on the roulette wheel. Popular racetrack bets include Tiers du Cylindre, Orphelins, and Voisins du Zéro.
  • Play: Players can set the game to automatically place bets for a certain number of spins, allowing for a more relaxed and hands-free experience.
  • Favorite bet and statistics: The game allows players to save their favorite bets for quick and easy placement in subsequent rounds. Additionally, comprehensive statistics are available, providing valuable insights into previous rounds and outcomes.

Immersive Roulette has a Return to Player (RTP) percentage of approximately 97.3%, making it an appealing choice for roulette enthusiasts seeking a fair and rewarding gaming experience. With its stunning visuals, realistic gameplay, and a range of convenient options, Immersive Roulette by Evolution truly stands out as a top-notch online roulette game.

Bet Payout
Straight up 35:1
Split 17:1
Street 11:1
Corner 8:1
Six Line 5:1
Column 2:1
Dozen 2:1
Even/Odd 1:1
Red/Black 1:1
High/Low 1:1

Table Limits

When it comes to the Bet Limits in Immersive Roulette, it's important to note that these limits can vary from casino to casino. Each casino independently sets its own limits for the game, allowing players to choose a betting range that suits their preferences and budget. Whether you're a casual player looking for smaller bets or a high roller seeking more substantial wagers, you'll find a range of options available. It's always advisable to check the specific casino's bet limits before diving into the thrilling world of Immersive Roulette to ensure a gaming experience tailored to your desired betting style.

  • Genesis Casino
    Accepts CA players
    Table limits C$ 0.2-4 000
    Payment methods
    • interac
    • skrill
    • paysafecard
    • ecopayz
    • mastercard
    • visa
  • All Slots Casino
    Accepts CA players
    Table limits C$ 0.5-4 000
    Payment methods
    • visa
    • mastercard
    • neteller
    • skrill
    • paysafecard
    • ecopayz

Pros & Cons

  • Immersive and Realistic Experience with high-quality video streams from different angles.
  • Slow-motion option for a more detailed view of the wheel's spin.
  • Follows the rules of European roulette, providing familiar betting options, payouts, and odds.
  • Racetrack bet feature for more advanced betting strategies.
  • Auto Play option for relaxed and hands-free gameplay.
  • Impressive Return to Player (RTP) percentage of approximately 97.3%.
  • Betting limits can vary from casino to casino, potentially limiting the desired betting range for some players.
  • Reliance on internet connection and video streaming quality, which may affect the overall gameplay experience.
  • Absence of additional and special features like multipliers or jackpots, which may be present in other roulette variations.


  • Change video quality if you have a slow internet connection

    One of the key aspects of Immersive Roulette is its high-quality video streams that enhance the gaming experience. However, if you find that your internet connection is not optimal or experiencing lag, it's advisable to adjust the video quality settings. Lowering the video quality can help ensure smoother gameplay and reduce buffering issues, allowing you to fully enjoy the game without interruptions.

  • Use the favorite bet option

    Immersive Roulette offers a convenient favorite bet feature that allows you to save and quickly place your preferred bets. If you have specific bet patterns or combinations that you frequently use, take advantage of this option to streamline your betting process. It saves you time and effort, making it easier to place your preferred bets in subsequent rounds. This feature is especially beneficial for those who have established betting strategies or consistent preferences when it comes to wagering on the roulette table.

  • Utilize autoplay for bet patterns

    The autoplay feature in Immersive Roulette can be a valuable tool, particularly for players who prefer to follow specific bet patterns or systems. By setting up autoplay, you can pre-select a series of bets to be automatically placed for a certain number of spins. This option is beneficial if you have a preferred betting sequence or strategy that you want to apply consistently without manually placing each individual bet. Just keep in mind to monitor your gameplay and adjust your betting patterns as needed to ensure responsible and strategic wagering.


What sets Immersive Roulette apart from other online roulette games?

Immersive Roulette stands out with its high-quality video stream, offering multiple camera angles and slow-motion replays of the winning number, providing players with a more immersive and engaging experience.

How do I adjust the video quality in Immersive Roulette?

To adjust the video quality in Immersive Roulette, you can usually find the option within the game's settings or options menu. Look for a video settings or quality settings section where you can choose a lower video quality for smoother gameplay on a slower internet connection.

Can I save my favorite betting patterns in Immersive Roulette?

Yes, you can save your favorite betting patterns in Immersive Roulette using the special bets option. This feature allows you to save and execute complex betting patterns with just one click, making it convenient and efficient to place your preferred bets quickly.

Is there an autoplay feature in Immersive Roulette?

Yes, Immersive Roulette offers an autoplay feature. With autoplay, you can set up a specific combination of bets to be placed automatically for a certain number of spins. This saves you from manually placing bets for each spin and allows you to repeat your preferred betting patterns effortlessly.

What is the theoretical RTP (Return to Player) of Immersive Roulette?

Immersive Roulette has a theoretical RTP of 97.3%. This indicates that, on average, the game is expected to return 97.3% of the total amount wagered by players over an extended period. However, it's important to note that RTP is a statistical measure and individual results may vary.

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