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Key Bet Roulette by Barcrest

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Key Bet Roulette Characteristics
Provider Barcrest
House edge 2.7%
RTP 95.34%
Variation European
Table limits 1 - 250$
Release year 2015

Barcrest (Scientific Games) is one of the oldest casino game developers in the United States, and most players know it as a slot machine provider. However, Barcrest also develops table games, and these are just as satisfying as its slots. Key Bet roulette is one of those games: it has this name because it includes additional betting options and one of these options is literally called “key”, which offers a chance to win up to 50 times your bet.

As it is an RNG game, the Key Bet roulette free play feature is supported. In other words, you can try the Key Bet roulette demo version at no cost and see for yourself what the game looks like. For this purpose, you can also continue reading: below, we provide detailed information about this interesting roulette variant developed by Barcrest, which is currently owned by Scientific Games.

Characteristics and Features

If you know how to play European roulette, you are ready to play this game too, because exactly the same rules are used. But there is an important difference: there are 38 pockets on the wheel, not 37. This is because one of the pockets belongs to a special bonus bet called “key”. You can place chips for this particular bet too, among others. This is not mandatory, just an option. However, if you want to try your luck for the key bet:

  • You can place any chip you want on the key bet option on the table.
  • If the ball rests on the "key bet" pocket on the wheel, a mini-game starts.
  • In this game, you are asked to spin a wheel consisting of 12 segments. One of the segments has "pot" written on it. Others have multiplier values ​​ranging from 20x to 50x.
  • If the ball lands on one of the multiplier values, your bet is multiplied by that number. For example, if you wager 20 CAD for the key bet and the result is 50x, you win 1,000 CAD (20 x 50)
  • If the ball lands above the "pot" segment, you win 100x your bet.

In other words, Key Bet Roulette is actually a European variant with a bonus bet and multiplier payouts. It is also an RNG game, so there is no dealer. The betting range can appeal to all kinds of players: below, you can see the bet limits of the game.

Table Limits

Bet Payout Minimum, $ Maxiumum, $
Straight up 35:1 1 10
Split 17:1 1 25
Street 11:1 1 40
Corner 8:1 1 50
Six Line 5:1 1 100
Column 2:1 1 150
Dozen 2:1 1 150
Even/Odd 1:1 1 250
Red/Black 1:1 1 250
High/Low 1:1 1 250

Pros & Cons

Before you start playing, it would be a good idea to learn what to expect from this interesting roulette game. To help you out, we have prepared a short pros & cons list below. Remember that you can also try the Key Bet roulette demo for free and find out yourself.

  • An RNG roulette game with no dealer
  • The RTP odds of the main game is 94.74%, which is a low figure
  • A bonus bet that can pay up to 100x
  • If you can trigger the mini game, you can’t lose it: a 20x payout is guaranteed
  • The RTP of the mini game is 95.34%, which is a satisfying figure
  • You can also try your luck with French bets

How to Play

The interface of the game is simple enough: you can see all the outcomes you can place a bet on easily. In this respect, you can wager on a single number, a range of numbers, red/black, or odd/even. By clicking the “neighbors” button, you can also open the racetrack and place French bets, such as Tiers and Orphelin. The payout of a straight bet (single number) is 36:1, which is higher than regular European roulette. And, of course, you can try your chance on the “key bet” outcome, which triggers a mini-game, as explained above.

Spin the wheel by clicking the same named button after placing your bets. If you qualify for a payout, collect the prize and start a new round. Keep playing until you win the bonus key bet: that’s when the fun starts. Remember that you can use the Key Bet roulette free play option: this will allow you to learn all the rules without taking any risks. In fact, you should definitely play the demo version first before starting to play for real.

Win Up to 100x Your Stake

If you are looking for a classic RNG roulette game with bonus bets and multiplier payouts, this one will be a very good option: it offers everything you can ask for. The mini game is not hard to trigger and guarantees a payout of 20x. But if you are lucky enough, you can win as high as 100x your stake too. Unlike live roulette games, this one can be played for free, so make sure to take advantage of this feature and start spinning the wheel right now!

Review author Chris Mwangi Chris Mwangi

Chris Mwangi is editor-in-chief at Roulette77. He is passionate about roulette and knows all about betting systems, strategies, some of the secret tricks and all possible variations of the game. He currently lives in Malta, leading an army of writers and translators and telling the world about his vision of the game.

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