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The Live Roulette fan base in Canada

Software companies are constantly striving to makes us players feel like we're on a real casino. They went from the use of iconic sounds like coins getting inserted into the machine, having the monitor ratio make the screen look pixelated to us, and they used the same greens and colours of the cards to impress us the most. 

But the greatest breakthrough has definitely in the area of live casino games. Especially the online live roulette for us Canadian players, traditional fans of the game at FreeRouletteDoc, which is the best site to go look for trusted casinos to play live roulette, find bonus, and many other offers.

  • Auto-Roulette

    Casino: Bitstarz
    Provider: Evolution Gaming
    Table Limits: $0.1 - $2000
    Bonus: up to $400
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  • Speed Roulette

    Casino: Bitstarz
    Provider: Evolution Gaming
    Table Limits: $1 - $5000
    Bonus: up to $400
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  • Real Roulette with Sarati

    Casino: Jackpot City
    Provider: Real Dealer Studios
    Table Limits: $0.25 - $1000
    Bonus: Up to $1600
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  • Real Roulette with Holly

    Casino: Jackpot City
    Provider: Real Dealer Studios
    Table Limits: $0.1 - $5000
    Bonus: Up to $1600
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  • European Roulette

    Casino: Playamo
    Provider: Belatra Games
    Table Limits: $5 - $500
    Bonus: Up to $300
    Join Table
  • Oracle 360 Roulette

    Casino: Playamo
    Provider: Lucky Streak
    Table Limits: $0.5 - $12500
    Bonus: Up to $300
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  • Roulette Advanced

    Casino: Genesis Casino
    Provider: Netent
    Table Limits: €0.10 - €2000
    Bonus: up to C$1000
    Join Table
  • Real Roulette with Matthew

    Casino: Genesis Casino
    Provider: Real Dealer Studios
    Table Limits: $0.25 - $1000
    Bonus: up to C$1000
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Best Online Casinos to Play Live Roulette

Are you looking for the best live roulette options out there? We have you covered. Our team has created a trusted list of casinos that offer this version of the game. In compiling the list, we have made sure to look up every factor that determines whether a website is worthwhile and can be trusted. We have used reputation and reviews, our own experience, and a variety of such games, table limits, and other important conditions, such as bonuses, to determine what the best roulette casinos for Canadian players are. You are free to browse and pick from our recommended brands that will help you get the best live dealer experience in Canada!

  • BitStarz
    Accepts CA players
    Welcome Package $2000 or 5 BTC
    Live games 110
  • Jackpot City
    Accepts CA players
    Bonus up to $1600 on first four deposits
    Live games 18
  • Playamo
    Accepts CA players
    Get $1500 bonus 300 free spins
    Live games 200+
  • Genesis Casino
    Accepts CA players
    C$1000 Welcome Bonus 300 free Spins
    Live games 150
  • 20 Bet
    Accepts CA players
    first deposit 100% up to 180 C$
    Live games 200+
  • Royal Vegas
    Accepts CA players
    Bonus up to C$1200 Welcome offer
    Live games 17

How does live roulette work

Imagine that you're running a TV show, live, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That is exactly what happens behind the scenes on a studio equipped with the latest technology to let you get immersed in the experience of gambling against a true, real person, an actual employee from the casino you have chosen.

To make this happen, operators find three HD cameras and locate them in the following order:

  • The main camera, which takes a long wide shot of the entire scenario.
  • This second camera works recording what's happening exactly on the table, in the zone where you'll place your bets in bitcoin, or your preferred currency.
  • One last camera, that will follow the ball during its spinning on the roulette and tell you exactly what's your lucky number. This camera tends to rapidly switch towards the dealer to see him interact with winners and losers.

This information is broadcasted and everyone is granted access to watch the action. Well, almost everyone: to be able to play in live roulette, most casinos will ask for a deposit. This is only logical due to the fact that casinos' costs go to the roof when compared to traditional costs of games like blackjack online or slots machines. 

Casinos tend to hire fun and good-looking persons to host these games. They are respectful and know how to respond to your questions in a polite manner. Now, when it comes to your experience as a player, there's nothing different about what gambling on a traditional roulette. Use your credits to bet, and let the croupier handle all payments. 

Some casinos are encouraging conversations between players, which has been well received in the gambling community. It is now acquiring a socializing advantage it didn't have before, and that is very attractive to many of their customers. This feature is expected to be much appreciated in Canada, where players have a tradition for innovation when it comes to socializing online.

Live Roulette Variations

There are many different variations of live roulette, and as such, you are probably keen on finding out all there is to know about each. Well, with our help we are sure you will be able to find all that you want to know about the best roulette versions out there. The following selection of games represents one of the best versions that this timeless casino classic has inspired. They are all unique and have slightly game-altering features that will be completely worth your while once you get to try them. Here are all the great variants by name and what they bring to the table!

  • American Roulette

    This version of the game is quite fun actually. It has a second 0 or a double zero as players call it and it will create a slightly different game dynamic. While the house edge will be stacked against you a little more, that is no reason to actually skip this game. In fact, it offers its own unique upsides that are only accessible in it. One such is the "five-number bet" which will give you some fresh opportunities to win more. Other than that, the table is very similar to other iterations and we definitely recommend it as a viable pick.

  • Speed Roulette

    Here you will have the amazing opportunity to minimize the wait in-between bets. Some players don't like the ceremonial nature of live roulette and prefer to get an authentic but "quicker product." Well, that is precisely what you are going to get with this option. The gameplay is expedited so that seconds are shaved off the overall session and you can enjoy a slightly increased pace of play which is great especially if this is your thing. Why waste time when you can up the ante and really get this party started?

  • Double Ball Roulette

    Two balls are better than one? Perhaps! They are certainly a lot more fun as you can get some massive payouts on the Straight Up Bets. This game is not without its idiosyncrasies but so far as roulette goes, it's definitely one of the best. You will be able to get a massive multiplier if you land the balls on the same single-number sector, but securing the Inside and Outside bets here may be a little more challenging so keep this in mind!

  • French Roulette

    We definitely love the French version. It's one of the best live dealer roulettes you will ever play and that is a fact. The game is designed to appeal to experienced and novice players. While some of the text will be displayed in French on the table that is now considered as part of the game etiquette. In addition, there are two new extraordinary rules to explore – the La Partage and En Prison. These two small rules allow you to really minimize the house edge and get a fair game! We definitely encourage you to try the live version of this title.

  • Auto (Slingshot) Roulette

    If you do enjoy live roulette, we recommend trying Auto Slingshot. This version is fun because it doesn't actually introduce you to a live dealer but rather lets you play solo. You can sit at the table and enjoy a real wheel, but you won't have to deal with another soul. That allows you to have a quiet session all by yourself and let's face it – we have all wanted this on one occasion or another. The game is completely fair and based on a randomized spinning mechanism that guarantees its fairness and authenticity for truly lifelike experiences on the go.

  • Double Wheel Roulette

    Two wheels are definitely better than one, but there are a few caveats to address as well and you will do well to keep them in mind! After all, double wheel roulette's winning conditions will be slightly different for the Inside and Outside Bets. Regardless, we truly believe that this is a game version that you would want to experience yourself. The game mechanic is pretty much what you have got used to elsewhere but with a few exciting twists.

  • European Roulette

    European is a classic and that is what you need to know. The game is considered a forefather of all our versions as it brings an equitable playing field where the house edge is definitely fair as there is only one zero and you get to experience the classic game without any extra features getting in the way. While a bit cut-and-dry, this type of live roulette is actually the one where you can put a lot of strategies to the fore. Progressive stratagems work a gem and you should give them a go!

Pros and Cons of playing Live Roulette

Playing Live Roulette is an exceptional way to get a hold of a real casino experience, but there are some things to celebrate and other qualities that could be perceived as disadvantages. It is all up to you to determine which dynamics adjust better to your particular preferences. Here's a list of the main advantages and disadvantages of playing online live roulette, when compared to a standard, brick-and-mortar casino roulette:

  • Confirming that the roulette is live and not a recording
  • Interacting with players and croupiers
  • Real gaming experience
  • Share the space with others
  • Minimum bet usually higher
  • Limited time to place your bets

Let's talk about the pros. Many online players are concerned that the Random Number Generator that produces the results might be manipulated by the casino to increase their odds when playing real money. As long as that would make sense for a low-reputation casino, it's impossible for renowned casinos to do so: they're constantly under surveillance bu auditing companies like eCOGRA, GLI, and CFG.

Another great thing about online live roulette is having the chance to talk to other people on the same table, and make team against the dealer. It's not like that's going to change the outcome of the wheel, but it surely makes it more fun. In most cases, you'll have the option to mute the conversation between players and keep a line open to the dealer, should you prefer the room to be quiet.

And there's of course the fact that you're facing a human being, on a real roulette, which is the closest you'll ever get to being inside a traditional casino without having to spend on plane tickets and expensive meals.

Now, looking at some disadvantages, we must consider the fact that you're not going to have all the time in the world to place your bet. You'll go by the same rules as a real roulette, which means you'll have to pay attention and be aware of every move, time is of the essence if you're making multiple bets, but good news are you can save you bets and repeat them on the following spin if you'd like to.

The costs involved in having to broadcast the game justify casinos for setting higher minimum bets than traditional machines. Keep in mind that if that's just for having to produce a set up for remote playing, who ends up paying for all the amenities at a traditional brick and mortar casino?

What's the absolute best casino live roulette software?

There are several companies out there dedicated to providing services and broadcasting for online casinos. Many of them have partnerships with TV and cinema studios and know very well their way around setting the environment and getting the right camera angles, while others don't have that much experience.

The quality of their services has a lot to do also with customer service experience and professionalism when dealing with players. The best live roulette software providers make sure they hire skilled and qualified croupiers with lots of working hours in the field, so they beloved clients' amusement is guaranteed. Here's a list of some great software providers:

  • Netent

    This industry giant decided to take part in producing and broadcasting their own live roulette services, as well as many other live games with croupiers and dealers, and is now positioned as the best solution provider in the field. They are now developing a perfect synced video and audio experience for roulette that will change the way we perceive the game from our android, linux or mac devices.

  • Lucky Streak

    Specializing in three of the major online betting games, Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette, LuckyStreak. They have a technology that allows their servers to detect bandwidth and device constraints and act accordingly, adjusting the stream output and provide the best possible service. They're based in Latvia.

  • Ezugi

    With 9 studios, 78 tables and 18 different games, this 2012 start-up founded by some veterans in the online gambling industry has a lot to offer. They are particularly interested in bringing land based casinos into the game, by setting up on-site recording devices that would allow people to play live from wherever they might be. They have English and Spanish tables to play in.

  • Evolution Gaming

    Offering services from more than 3,000 croupiers and dealers in seven different languages, state-of-the-art facilities, and an impressive range of games, Evolution Gaming is another key player in the field of entertaining gamblers live. Wherever you might run into their games, consider it a safe and trustworthy place.


What is location of live dealers? Where do they seat?
Live dealer roulette online attend a broadcasting site that has been prepared with cameras, an isolated environment, a roulette wheel, and software that records the information to share it with the players on their devices–apart from the video itself. They're also constantly replaced by turns.
How do I find dealer with my language?
It's easy to find dealers in your language in large live casino providers. Just go to the section of the game you'd like to play, and search for the table with your desired minimum and maximum bet range and check its info for the language. Almost all casinos offer English as their main language, and some include Spanish and French as alternatives on the tables.
What is the chat window for?
The chat window will allow you to interact with the dealer, and in some casinos it will include other players. You may use it even playing with mobile. It is important to reach out for information about the table and the specific rules of the game you're playing, but it's also fun to mingle with other players, let the croupier know how thankful–or not– you are about an outcome, and much more!
How do I just watch stream without playing?
Many players who are new to the system prefer to watch for a little bit before actually getting into play. Since there are not many live roulette canada free games, the key would be to make a small deposit and then joining a table. You're allowed to remain there for a certain time without playing and watch the progress of the game.
Am I anonymous at the table or can people see me?
No one can see you when you're sitting at a live roulette game, blackjack, or any other table in an online casino. The dealer will just see that you're there because he will see your nickname for the casino, and he might even say hi, but he's not able to actually see you.
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