Payouts for American and European Roulette

Payout in any casino game is an amount of cash/coins/points that can be won in regard to the size of the bet placed. We offer you to learn the payouts for all the roulette bets, inside and outside ones, to understand which bets are beneficial. Note, that there is such a dependence: the higher the probabilities of the bet winning, the lower the payout.

Basic roulette strategy says that to imporve the game expectations it is better to start the roulette game with the even money bets (the ones that pay out 1 to 1) and not to risk with inside bets

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Roulette Payouts

BetTypeNumbersPayoutExample ($10 bet)
Straight-upinside135 to 1$350 + $10 bet
Splitinside217 to 1$170 + $10 bet
Streetinside311 to 1$110 + $10 bet
Cornerinside48 to 1$80 + $10 bet
Five-numberinside56 to 1$60 + $10 bet
Six Lineinside65 to 1$50 + $10 bet
Dozenoutside122 to 1$20 + $10 bet
Columnoutside122 to 1$20 + $10 bet
Red/Blackoutside181 to 1$10 + $10 bet
Even/Oddoutside181 to 1$10 + $10 bet
High/Lowoutside181 to 1$10 + $10 bet

As you see in the examples, the amount of win is calculated by multiplying the amount of bet by the set payout for this specific bet. The original bet is also returned to the player. If the player placed more than one bet and several of them win, the payouts are added.