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Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette by Evolution

Last updated: 07.07.2023 by Andrew Shepard
Release year 2022
Variation single zero
RTP 97.12%
Multipliers x50-2 000
Software Evolution Gaming
Table limits Depends on casino

Best casino with Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette

Genesis Casino
Table limits C$ 0.2-4 000

Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette by Evolution is a game that takes the classic casino experience to electrifying heights. Launched recently, this roulette variant introduces an exhilarating twist with the potential for multipliers up to x2000. The game follows the traditional roulette format, where players place their bets on the table and wait for the wheel to spin. However, what sets Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette apart is the lightning feature. During each round, random numbers on the betting grid are struck by lightning, revealing multipliers that can boost winnings to incredible levels. With such high multipliers on the line, every spin becomes a thrilling opportunity to strike it big.

In terms of game design and user interface, Evolution Gaming has once again delivered a top-notch experience. The visuals are sleek and immersive, capturing the essence of a luxurious casino setting. The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing players to easily navigate through the various betting options and keep track of their game progress. Evolution Gaming, the renowned game provider behind Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette, is a leading force in the online casino industry. With a rich history spanning several years, they have established themselves as pioneers in live casino games, offering a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and authentic gambling experiences. Their commitment to innovation and high-quality productions has earned them the trust and loyalty of players worldwide.

Characteristics and Features

Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette offers a range of captivating features that make it a must-try game for roulette enthusiasts. With its unique blend of lightning multipliers and innovative gameplay mechanics, this Evolution Gaming creation guarantees an electrifying gaming experience. Let's explore the main features that set Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette apart:

  • In each round of Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette, players have the chance to witness the appearance of up to 5 lightning numbers. These lightning numbers bring forth random multipliers that range from x50 to x500. These multipliers not only have the potential to significantly boost winnings but also inject an extra level of excitement into every spin.
  • One exciting feature called Chain Lightning takes the multiplier potential to new heights. It increases the number of lightning numbers to up to 10, maximizing the chances of winning substantial amounts. With more lightning numbers in play, players have an even greater shot at hitting those high multipliers and reaping the rewards.
  • Get ready for an adrenaline rush with the Double Strike feature. During gameplay, red lightning can strike, raising the previous round's multiplier values from x600 all the way up to an impressive x2000.

It's important to note that these exciting lightning features exclusively apply to Straight-Up bets. Other bet types do not qualify for lightning multipliers. As a result, Straight-Up bets without multipliers have reduced payouts of 19:1, compared to the standard 35:1. This adds a strategic element to the game, as players must decide whether to go for the high-risk, high-reward Straight-Up bets or opt for other bet types.

In addition to these thrilling features, Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette offers a variety of other options to enhance the gameplay experience:

  • Racetrack Bet: Players can place bets on the Racetrack, allowing them to easily bet on neighboring numbers, sections, or specific patterns on the roulette wheel.
  • Auto Play: For those who prefer a more automated approach, the Auto Play feature allows players to set their preferred betting options and let the game automatically place bets for a specified number of rounds.
  • Favorite Bet: This feature enables players to save their favorite bets for quick and convenient placement in future rounds. It's a time-saving option for those who have preferred betting patterns or strategies.

With an impressive return to player (RTP) rate of 97.30%, Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette offers a fair and rewarding experience for players looking to test their luck at the roulette table. However, it's important to note that Straight-Up bets, which have the potential for lightning multipliers, come with an adjusted RTP of 54.06%. This lower RTP for Straight-Up bets reflects the increased excitement and potential for higher payouts that the lightning multipliers bring to the game.

Bet Payout
Straight up 19:1
Split 17:1
Street 11:1
Corner 8:1
Six Line 5:1
Column 2:1
Dozen 2:1
Even/Odd 1:1
Red/Black 1:1
High/Low 1:1

Table Limits

The betting limits in Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette can vary from casino to casino, as each establishment independently sets its own limits for the game. However, in most casinos, players can expect a wide range of betting options to accommodate different budgets and playing preferences. Typically, the minimum bet limit starts around 0.50 CAD, allowing players to enjoy the game with smaller wagers. On the other hand, the maximum bet limit often reaches up to 2000 CAD, catering to high-rollers seeking the thrill of larger bets. These flexible betting limits ensure that players of all levels can participate in Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette and tailor their wagers to their individual comfort zones.

Pros & Cons

  • Thrilling multipliers: Random multipliers up to x2000 add excitement and the potential for significant winnings.
  • Unique gameplay: Offers a fresh twist on traditional roulette, appealing to players seeking something different.
  • Immersive design: Sleek visuals and user-friendly interface create an authentic and luxurious casino atmosphere.
  • Chain Lightning feature: Increased lightning numbers enhance the chances of hitting high multipliers.
  • Intuitive user interface: Easy navigation and seamless gaming experience.
  • Reduced payouts for non-Straight-Up bets: Other bet types have lower payouts of 19:1 instead of the standard 35:1.
  • Lower RTP for Straight-Up bets: RTP for Straight-Up bets is 54.06% compared to the overall RTP of 97.30%.
  • Varying betting limits: Each casino sets its own limits, leading to variation in wagering options.


When it comes to playing Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette, there are a few tips that can help enhance your overall experience and potentially increase your chances of winning. Here are some key strategies to keep in mind:

  • 100% Table Coverage Will Not Give You an Advantage

    While it may seem tempting to cover as many numbers as possible on the betting grid, thinking it will improve your odds, it's important to remember that Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette is a game of chance. No matter how many numbers you bet on, the outcome is determined by the random nature of the lightning strikes and multipliers. So, instead of focusing on table coverage, consider placing bets strategically and managing your bankroll effectively.

  • Use the Save Bets Option

    One of the handy features of Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette is the Save Bets option. This allows you to save your favorite betting patterns and quickly place them in future rounds. It can be particularly useful if you have preferred betting strategies or patterns that you find successful. By utilizing this option, you can save time and ensure consistency in your betting approach.

  • You Can Use Popular Betting Patterns If You Don't Like Playing with Straight-Up Bets

    If you prefer to avoid the higher risk associated with Straight-Up bets, you can explore popular betting patterns instead. These patterns include strategies like betting on red or black, odd or even, or specific sections of the roulette wheel, such as columns or dozens. While these bets don't qualify for lightning multipliers, they provide alternative options for players who prefer a more conservative betting style.

  • Do Not Try to Predict Multipliers, It's Absolute Random

    It's crucial to understand that the appearance of lightning numbers and their corresponding multipliers in Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette is entirely random. Attempting to predict or anticipate which numbers will be struck and what multipliers will be revealed is futile. The lightning strikes are determined by a random number generator, ensuring a fair and unbiased game. Instead of trying to predict the unpredictable, focus on enjoying the game and embracing the excitement that the lightning multipliers bring.


How does the lightning feature work in Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette?

The lightning feature in Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette randomly strikes numbers on the betting grid, revealing multipliers that can boost winnings. These multipliers range from x50 to x2000 and add an extra layer of excitement to the game.

Do the lightning multipliers apply to all types of bets in Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette?

No, the lightning multipliers apply exclusively to Straight-Up bets. Other bet types, such as red or black, odd or even, or sections of the roulette wheel, do not qualify for the lightning multipliers.

Are there any specific betting patterns I can use in Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette?

While the lightning multipliers are exclusive to Straight-Up bets, you can still utilize popular betting patterns such as betting on red or black, odd or even, or specific sections of the roulette wheel, such as columns or dozens. These patterns offer alternative betting options for players who prefer a different approach.

Can I save my favorite bets in Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette?

Yes, Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette provides a Save Bets option. This allows you to save your favorite betting patterns and easily place them in future rounds, saving you time and ensuring consistency in your betting strategy.

Can I predict the appearance of multipliers in Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette?

No, the appearance of multipliers in Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette is completely random. Attempting to predict or anticipate which numbers will be struck by lightning and what multipliers will be revealed is not possible. The game uses a random number generator to ensure fairness and unpredictability in the lightning feature.

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