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Mini Roulette by Playtech

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Mini Roulette Characteristics
Provider Evolution Gaming
House edge 2.7%
RTP 97.3%
Variation European
Table limits 0.10 - 1 000$
Release year 2018

Live table games are fun, but if you're playing on devices with small screens, the interface can feel a bit cluttered. Fortunately, there are also roulette games designed to be played on the small screens of mobile phones: Mini Roulette, developed by Playtech, is one of them. You can find a roulette game called “mini” in the portfolio of almost every studio. After trying most of them, we can say that the Playtech version offers the most satisfying gameplay and the best graphics quality.

This is an RNG game, so it's not played against a real dealer. You can also play on desktop devices, but the interface and game mechanics are designed with small screens in mind. Mini Roulette online offers quite different gameplay and is an excellent option for casual gaming from Canada. Read on to learn more about this game.

Characteristics and Features

The game may surprise you at first glance because neither the wheel nor the table is similar to traditional roulette games. Playtech has made some changes to fit everything on small screens. The first of these is the wheel: the single-zero wheel in this game has only 13 numbers. The betting options on the table also contain only 13 numbers. You can still place red/black and odd/even bets, but most other betting options are not available in the game. This causes both the wheel and the table to “shrink”: that's why the game is called "mini". In this regard, the Mini Roulette game only offers the following bets:

  • Straight Bet – pays 11:1
  • Split Bet – pays 5:1
  • Street Bet – pays 3:1
  • Corner Bet – pays 2:1
  • Half Dozen Bet – pays 1:1
  • Red/Black & Odd/Even – pays 1:1

In addition, there is a “La Partage” rule: if the ball lands on 0, 50% of your bet is refunded. Chip values in the game can be as low as 0.01 CAD. As you can see in the table below, the min/max bet limits are not high either: Mini Roulette Playtech is designed to appeal to casual players. In this context, we can say that it is a completely unique variant that includes a limited selection of betting options and reduced payouts. The general rules of roulette still apply, so your goal is to try to predict where the ball will land, but the limited betting options create unique gameplay.

Table Limits

Bet Payout Minimum, $ Maxiumum, $
Straight up 11:1 0.10 100
Split 5:1 0.10 200
Street 3:1 0.10 300
Corner 2:1 0.10 400
Six Line 2:1 1 1 000
Column 1:1 1 1 000
Dozen 1:1 1 1 000
Even/Odd 1:1 1 1 000
Red/Black - - -
High/Low - - -

Pros & Cons

You can see the pros and cons of the Mini Roulette casino game below: we recommend taking a look at them before starting to play. In any case, do not forget that this is an RNG game, which means it has a demo version. In other words, you can also try the Mini Roulette free version and see for yourself what the game really offers.

  • The house edge of inside bets can be as high as 7.69%
  • Lots of betting options are missing
  • If the winning number is 0, 50% of your bet is refunded
  • The RTP of the outside bets is 96.15%, better than American roulette
  • Fast gameplay designed for mobile devices
  • Low table limits

How to Play

All your betting options are displayed on the right side of the screen: you can place a bet on a single number, a range of numbers, colors, or whether the outcome will be odd/even. There are only 13 numbers you can use, but the overall betting mechanics are the same. However, remember that if the result is 0, you will get 50% of your bet back, which is a plus. While it is not a complex game, you should still try the Mini Roulette demo for free and check out the rules for yourself.

Once you place your bet, spin the wheel, and wait for the result. If you win, you will get paid according to the paytable (between 1:1 and 11:1). There are no bonus bets you can place, so the gameplay is pretty straightforward. The RTP and winning odds of outside bets (red/black & odd/even) are quite high, so we recommend choosing them. You can test this yourself by playing the Mini Roulette free version.

Play Mini Roulette on Your Phone

This is a very popular game, so you can easily find a Mini Roulette online casino if you want to play for real. While it is designed for mobile gaming, it can still offer satisfying gameplay on desktop too: this “mini” game is perfect for casual players and beginners. It will also be a good option for starting French roulette, as the 0 outcomes is based on the La Partage rule. Whether you play on mobile or desktop, we are sure that Mini Roulette will keep you entertained for a long time.

Review author Chris Mwangi Chris Mwangi

Chris Mwangi is editor-in-chief at Roulette77. He is passionate about roulette and knows all about betting systems, strategies, some of the secret tricks and all possible variations of the game. He currently lives in Malta, leading an army of writers and translators and telling the world about his vision of the game.

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