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Age of Gods Roulette by Playtech

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Age of Gods Roulette Characteristics
Provider Playtech
House edge 5.2%
RTP 95,73%
Variation European
Table limits 1 - 1 000$
Release year 2017

Playtech has also been developing live dealer games on its "Live Casino ONE" platform for the last 5 years. The first example of this was Age of the Gods Roulette, released in 2017. The game was adapted from Playtech's famous slot series of the same name and aimed to bring this franchise together with live casino games. Age of the Gods live roulette quickly garnered a lot of attention and even paid out 40,000 CAD just hours after its release.

The main reason for this popularity was progressive jackpots. This is actually a variant of European roulette but with a randomly triggered jackpot game. A player can win one of four different progressive jackpots with a guaranteed win of up to 100x their bet. If this mechanic has piqued your interest, read on before you spin the wheel: below, we tell you everything you need to know about this hybrid roulette game.

Characteristics and Features

When you launch the game for the first time, you will see a regular live European roulette interface that also includes French bets. This means that you can play the game like any other variant of European roulette. The only difference is that a minigame can be triggered at any time. This game represents the Age of Gods roulette bonus and starts completely randomly, there is no way of knowing when it will happen. So, what happens once it starts?

  • When the minigame starts, you see 5 reels on the screen, each with 4 slots. In the right corner, four different progressive jackpots and the amount in their prize pools are displayed.
  • The slots contain “coins” that are displayed facedown and when you open one, one of the jackpot symbols will appear. Your goal is to find 3 identical symbols. For example, if you match three of the "Super Power" symbols, you win the prize in the jackpot of the same name.
  • In any case, you are guaranteed to win the prize in the smallest jackpot called “Power” and the money in the pool for this prize can be as high as 100 times your stake.

After the minigame ends, the payouts are made, and the next round begins. Each round offers a new chance to trigger the jackpot minigame. And you don't need to bet big amounts for this: below, you can find a table showing the bet limits of the game.

Table Limits

Bet Payout Minimum, $ Maxiumum, $
Straight up 35:1 1 50
Split 17:1 1 100
Street 11:1 1 150
Corner 8:1 1 200
Six Line 5:1 1 300
Column 2:1 1 500
Dozen 2:1 1 500
Even/Odd 1:1 1 1 000
Red/Black 1:1 1 1 000
High/Low 1:1 1 1 000

Pros & Cons

We are sure that all players from Canada will enjoy playing Age of Gods roulette: it is a nice game that offers jackpot payouts and interesting mechanics. However, before you start playing, there are some things you need to know. Check out the pros and cons of this game below.

  • The RTP of the game changes between 94.74% and 95.73%, which is even higher than American roulette
  • There is no way of knowing when the mini game will start
  • There are four different progressive jackpots you can win
  • You are guaranteed to win one of these jackpots when the mini game starts
  • There are no new rules to learn: the mini game is simple enough
  • Streaming from Riga, Latvia, it offers lower ping values for Canadian players

How to Play

Apart from the jackpot game, you are playing European roulette with French bets. You can see the classic betting options on the right of the screen and the racetrack on the left. Classic options let you bet on a number, a range of numbers, a color, or odd/even numbers. On the racetrack, there are bets that include multiple numbers such as tiers and orphelins. The reason it has a lower RTP than European roulette is that 0.99% of players' bets are transferred to the jackpot pools. So, every 10 CAD bet actually counts as 9.01 CAD.

After placing your bets, wait for the croupier to spin the wheel. If the Age of Gods bonus roulette game (jackpot) is not triggered, the gameplay will be no different from regular roulette. Once the jackpot is triggered, your screen will change, and you will be asked to play the game described above. Good luck!

Age of Gods Roulette Bonus Game Is Waiting for You

This is a fun game, and the fact that it includes four different progressive jackpots makes it even more interesting. With every spin, you have a chance to win a big prize and, more importantly, you are guaranteed to win up to 100x your stake. If you're lucky enough, you can win much more than that: even millions can stack up in progressive jackpot pools. If you are interested in playing a European roulette variant with jackpot prizes, this game will be your best bet.

Review author Chris Mwangi Chris Mwangi

Chris Mwangi is editor-in-chief at Roulette77. He is passionate about roulette and knows all about betting systems, strategies, some of the secret tricks and all possible variations of the game. He currently lives in Malta, leading an army of writers and translators and telling the world about his vision of the game.

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